Be My Monica

I feel like I did my civic duty, as a business owner. Let me explain, this gorgeous young lady named Layla walked into the shop and gave me a long sob story. She told me that her family was about to loose their farm and she wanted to get rid of a box of Cuban cigars. I totally understand her situation, government subsidies getting low and stuff (I read the paper every once in a while).


I consider myself a man of the people. Back to the girl, she’s fucking hot. I had to tell her that it was illegal for me to buy Cuban products. She was obviously disappointed. But thats when light bulb went off and I sold her on my modeling business. She was reluctant at first, but i busted out the old charm convinced her and even had her flash me her tits in the store. Damn, amazing knockers. Once we were back at my at office, things ran according to plan. I even did a tribute to good ol’ Bill and did the Monica on her. Things escalated from there and some good fucking was had by all. It felt good to help out a fellow American!.

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